Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where's my machine gun?

If you're a mildly observant chap or chapess, you'll have noticed the look of my blog has changed. A friend asked me if he could experiment with some new software he'd been testing, and, being a total ignoramus when it comes to all things computer, of course I said "Yes".

I think you'll agree he's done a wonderful job. I love the atmospheric theme he's imagined, designed and rendered. His name is Claudio Esposito, and he can be found at If you're in need of any sort of web design, I couldn't recommend him more highly.

(OK, Claudio, you can take that tommy-gun out of my back now!)


Larro said...

Looks nice. I'm not familiar with what it looked like before but I like the header pic :)

Laurie said...

Thanks, Larro - and welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy some of my stories (And they're all true!)

Frankus said...

Good job, Oddjob.

phil said...

Yer, noice.

WV is "sherpid", which describes how a shepherd feels when they lose some sheep.