Tuesday, May 12, 2009


A treat for all star-gazers. A 360 degree view of the Milky Way, provided by my friend Kiriakos, who works at the Very Large Telescope in northern Chile. (And to think God did it with the snap of his fingers!) Thanks, Kiri!


Philip1978 said...

Cor Blimey!

THAT was incredible!

Please pass on my universe sized thanks to your friend for taking the time to do that!


Mark Jones said...

Very cool.

Did manage to get the Milky Way spinning uncontrollably, though, which was a bit freaky.

Brian said...

So many points of light, most probably galaxies containing billions of stars, possibly containing billions again of planets. Los cielos (the heavens) indeed. But I want a parochial god who only cares about a few hundred square kilometers in the middle east. What vision! What grandeur! Who needs reality! ;)

Mark_W said...


I think your title indeed sums it up, that's brilliant.

As Richard Dawkins once said: .

"The world and the universe is an extremely beautiful place, and the more we understand about it the more beautiful does it appear." .

As Brian says, how puny are the various religions man has invented in comparison?


Laurie said...

Nice, isn't it fellers? When I was in the desert in South Australia last year, Leigh and I lay on our backs in the sand and looked at dog's handiwork up there. Puny gods, indeed, to think that we'd believe their bullshit by the time we were able to really check out the cosmos.

phil said...

Well I stared at god's stars and immediately thought, "I must invent a way of life where blokes dress up in outlandish robes, spout gibberish and systematically repress women."

Blow me down, I came up with about half a dozen on the spot.